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My-PHA Frequently Asked Questions

Web Site FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Acrobat

Certain documents on our site require the Adobe Reader in order to view or print.
Adobe documents look and print the same for everyone and allow us to present content in a consistent manner.
If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer,  you may download it for free from the Adobe site,, or by clicking the Get Adobe Reader icon.

Why do you need my E-Mail address?

For any application we receive from our web-site, we expect to be able to communicate with you in the same manner.  We will send information concerning the receipt, processing and status of your applications, as well as reminders for specific updates that may be required throughout the school year.  Your E-Mail address is used by us only to communicate information to you concerning your application and PHA specific notifications.  We DO NOT share this information with anyone.  For more information regarding our use of personal information, please review our Privacy Policy.
If you have security or spam filters, please add the domains, and to your approved senders list so that notifications from our site will not be mistakenly identified as spam or trash.

I dont have an E-Mail address.  Can I still register online?

Yes!  For the security of the information you provide, you will still have to create a My-PHA account.  You will need to determine a User ID and Password for you new account.


Our site has been designed and tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5.  While it's reasonable to assume that our site will also work with other browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Opera, or Konqueror, there may be subtle differences in how our site looks and performs within these browsers.
For a host of reasons, including enhanced security, we recommend Mozilla Firefox.  Why?
If your are experiencing problems with our website, it may be due to an incompatible browser.

How is my personal information handled by this Website?

We use industry-standard, SSL (secure socket layer) encryption for any message that contains personal information.
Our Privacy Policy further identifies our handling of your personal information.

Why should I upgrade my browser to support JavaScript 1.2?

This site uses JavaScript technology to process its transactions and requires a browser capable of running JavaScript, version 1.2 or higher. For the industry's most popular browsers, Netscape 6.1 (or above) and Internet Explorer 5.0 (or above) are recommended. For other browsers, please consult the browser's manufacturer.

Why should I upgrade my browser to support 128-bit encryption?

This site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for security purposes, which requires the browser to be able to communicate at 128-bit encryption. To upgrade to 128-bit encryption for:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer, click here.
* Netscape Navigator, click here.

For other browsers, please consult your browser's manufacturer for its recommendation to make your browser capable of using 128-bit encryption.

I need help with my Homeschool application, or
Where do I go if I have questions or a problem to report?

Homeschooling FAQ's

  Palmetto Homeschool Association, Inc.
  Dee Hollinger, Director
  454 S. Anderson Road,
  BTC 568, Suite 209
  Rock Hill, SC 29730

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